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Chicken Curry / Chicken Gravy for Chapathi

Written By Angela Steffi on Thursday, July 21, 2016 | 10:33:00 AM

Chicken gravy for Chapathi with Coconut is an awesome gravy that goes excellent with rice, chappatis / rotis and is a popular companion to biryani as well. This Chicken curry recipe is made in the traditional South Indian Style with tender chicken cooked in a delicious gravy is a guaranteed delight. This delicious chicken gravy is cooked with a coconut paste making it rich and creamy chicken gravy. You can also use coconut milk in the place of coconut paste. What makes this gravy click with chapathi is that the gravy is soaked into the chapathi transferring all the taste and goodness of chicken into the flour and each bite will keep asking for more.

Serving Size:    5 people

Cooking Time : 40 min






For Coconut Paste
1 cup
Grated coconut
1 TbspPepper corns
2 tsp
Fennel seeds 
2 tsp Cumin seeds

For Chicken Gravy
2 large Onions(sliced)
2 Tbsp Ginger garlic and Green chili paste
1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder
2 tspChili powder
1 TbspCoriander powder
Bay leaves, Cinnamon stick,Cradamom,Cloves
2 Tbsp  Oil

Salt to taste

curry leaves and coriander leaves for garnishing
salt to taste

Cooking Method

Step 1) To make coconut paste grind grated coconut, pepper corns ,Feneel seeds ,cumin seeds into a fine paste and keep it aside

Step 2) In a pan heat some oil and add the whole spices bay leaves, cinnamon stick , cloves, cardamom ( if you dont like the taste of cardamom you can skip)
Then add sliced onions, salt and saute until the onions are golden brown

Step 3) once the onions are browned add 2 tbsp of ginger garlic and green chili paste(if you dont have the three mixture handy then add 1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste and 3 green chilies)
Then add turmeric powder, coriander powder and chili powder (we have already added 1 tbsp pepper corns while grinding coconut paste so adjust the amount of chili powder accordingly)

Step 4) once everything is mixed add some curry leaves and also add 2 sliced tomatoes and cook until soft and the mixture turns into a paste.(this chicken curry will be already be smooth,if you want it to be extra smooth then grind the onion and tomato mixture after cooking and add it to the gravy)

Step 5) Then add the chicken pieces and mix it well with the masalas add water if needed and when the chicken is half done add the coconut paste and cook until the chicken is fully cooked. It may take around 20 -25 minutes for the chicken to get cooked completely.

Step 6) Once the chicken is cooked,oil starts to separate and you can feel the wonderful aroma of the chicken curry at that point add some chopped coriander leaves to make it even more flavorful.

Note :
  • I always prefer to use chicken with bone to make chicken curry,because this helps the chicken to keep tender.If you use boneless pieces then the chicken will cook fast and will become hard.
  • Instead of grated coconut you can also add coconut milk
  • If you dont like the taste of coconut and make it as a coconut free curry with the same ingredients(except for grinding pepper corns ,Fennel seeds ,cumin seeds use 1 tsp of all the corresponding seed's powder)
  • This Chicken curry goes excellent with Chappathi, rotis idiyappam and even rice.
Enjoy the delicious chicken gravy with fresh and hot chapathi or rotis.


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I am an avid food blogger with a great passion for food. I am always eager to try new recipes and modify recipes and experiment with them. I have two cooking channels on Youtube CLASSIC MASALA HUT (for english recipes) and MADRAS SAMAYAL (for Tamil recipes).


  1. Hi Angela just made this dish and it has come out very yummy! Gonna eat it with white rice.... will be trying out more recipes and u pls keep updating your site with more recipes. All the best!!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement. I am very happy that you liked the gravy. I will post 2-3 recipes every week. Happy Cooking!!

  2. Thank you from France ! It was the best curry I've cooked !

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. I am really happy that you liked the recipe :)

  3. hi angela thanks for this, for coconut milk how much because the milk and the grated are not the same, thanks

    1. Hi we can use 1/2 cup of thick coconut milk or 1 cup of thin coconut milk. Please share your feedback after trying the recipe. happy Cooking !!!

  4. One of the best curries I have ever cooked.. I have in fact shared the recipe with my friends... my husband liked it the most.. thank you

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback Anju, I am really very happy that you liked my recipe. :) Thank you

  5. Me and my daughter prepared Pepper chicken and the dish was awesome .. ����Thank you

  6. Can you share kitchen utensils list to be carried from india to usa?

  7. Awesome post about curries near me. I am a foodie and finding delicious recipe for chicken. You have shared a nice post it should be tasty recipe. To be continue for foodie.