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Pots 'N Pans
When choosing stainless steel cookware, if possible choose the vessels with a heavy bottom and  copper and aluminium cores are often available in stainless steel cookware. Copper cores heat up much faster than aluminium core which heats up faster than regular stainless steel cookware. While, the flavor is not comparable to that of cast-iron cooking, it is much better than cooking with non-stick cookware.

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set

For everyday use, I prefer the stainless steel cookware because it has a good heat transfer, good browning and relatively easy to clean.
The calphalon cookware series in my opinion is only
 second to All-Clad cookware but considering the
difference in price, I would rank Calphalon the winner!!

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron pans produce the most flavorful dishes, there is excellent heat retention, even browning and caramelization, roasts and crisps the food and the food doesn't stick to the pan if the pan is properly seasoned (much better than stainless steel but not comparable to non-stick pans). A pan which is well maintained and seasoned will last several lifetimes. The main drawback of cast iron pans is the effort needed to clean and maintain them but the flavor enhancement of these cookware is well worth the effort.

Lodge Cast Iron 12" pan

Ideal for roasting chicken, mutton and vegetables, the large surface area does an excellent job of browning the surface. Also can be used to make gravies.

Lodge Cast Iron 10.5" Griddle

Ideal for making dosas and chapathis. Also is excellent for pan frying fish and tikkas

I keep two of these tawas, one of them is exclusive for dosa and the other one is for chapathi and pan frying.

Lodge Cast Iron 10.25" pan

This skillet is also good for roasting. It is ideal when preparing a smaller quantity of food. The glass lids from the Simply calphalon stainless steel line fits this pan perfectly when we need to cover the food while cooking.

Lodge Cast Iron 14" wok
This wok is my favorite for making fried rice. For making fried rice, we need to maintain an uniform and high heat all around the cooking vessel. This heavy cast iron wok accomplishes just that. The thinner woks needs constant stirring to avoid scorching but this heavy one is consistently amazing.

Cute Kitchen Accessories

These are some of the cute kitchen accessories that I bought from Amazon. I like having colorful and cute gadgets in my kitchen because I think they make me enthusiastic about cooking food.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

Cuisinart  Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Sweese Porcelain Ramekins Oval Shape 

Ceramic Sauce Dishes Colorful Mini Bowl Set

Peas in a Pod Green Ceramic Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers 

Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shakers
Olde Thompson 8-Inch Walnut Peppermill
Pepper Grinder is an absolute must in every kitchen. The smell and flavor of freshly ground pepper cannot be compared with the packaged powder.

Olde Thompson 7" Black - Pepper mill and salt shaker set

Bamboo Spice Rack Organizer

Libbey Vibe Mini Glass Jars with Lids

Four Ceramic Polka Dot Egg Cups 
4 Pc Lemon Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoon Set

Summertime Lemons Ceramic Measuring Cups - Set of 4


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