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7 Cup Burfi / 7 Cups sweet recipe

Written By Angela Steffi on Thursday, July 14, 2016 | 1:08:00 PM

7 cup burfi / Seven cup cake / Seven Cup Burfi is a very popular Diwali Sweet. As the name suggest this recipe is made from 7 cups of ingredients. This 7 cups sweet recipe is very simple very easy and very tasty. Traditionally 7 cups burfi is made with 3 cups of sugar but for me that is too sweet so I have reduced to 2 cups of sugar and I have added 1 cup of nuts.
I first made my 7 cup burfi when I was 12 years old, I was bored and wanted to try something in the kitchen and that is when my mom taught me this delicious recipe. I was excited when I learned that I could make a burfi at home with such ease. I could even say that these simple recipes are the ones which kindled my passion towards cooking and culinary interests.
Note-1:- The cups mentioned in this particular recipe are not the standard measurement cup. The term cup is only to indicate an equal measure of the ingredients so use any cup/ bowl depending on the quantity you require.
Note-2:- I haven't used any food color for this recipe, the besan flour naturally provides a pale yellow color which is fine by me. If you want to make it attractive you can use some edible yellow food color.


Serving Size: 5 (15 pieces)  

Preparation Time : 20 mins


1 cup

Besan / Gram flour/ Chickpea flour / Kadalai Maavu
1 cup Grated Coconut
2 cups
1 cupMilk
1 cup 
Nuts (Almonds,Cashews)
1 cup Ghee / Clarified Butter

Cooking Method

Step 1) Start off with roasting besan flour / chickpea flour I have taken a non stick pan to prevent the burfi from sticking to the bottom and roast it for 3 - 4 min on a low heat. Once u start smelling the sweet aroma of the besan flour it is time for our second cup 


Step 2) Add 1 cup of Grated Coconut and mix it well


Step 3) Followed by coconut add 2 cups of sugar and mix it again


Step 4) Add the fifth cup Milk and mix it well and cook until sugar dissolves completely


Step 5) Now add the 6th cup nuts, I have take one cup of Almonds and Cashews and cut them into very small pieces,Now the mixture will be a little watery but soon it will solidify


Step 6) Then add the last cup Ghee / Clarified Butter, gradually add in the Ghee and incorporate all the ghee into the mixture and cook for 10- 15 minutes on a medium heat
Consistency is very important, if is it not at the right consistency then the burfi will be chewy and will be more like a fudge and will also take lot of time to set

Step 7) Now it has thickened and started to leave the sides of the pan.

Step 8) Once it starts leaving the sides of the pan or kadai , pour it into a greased plate or tray. With a help of a spoon Smoothen its top. Leave it to cool slightly,it just took 4 minutes for me to set(if it is not at right consistency then it will take more time) Once the mixture cools down slightly cut it into your desired shapes

Our Delicious 7 cup Burfi is ready!!! Its Festival season, Lets have fun :) Happy Cooking :)



About Angela Steffi

I am an avid food blogger with a great passion for food. I am always eager to try new recipes and modify recipes and experiment with them. I have two cooking channels on Youtube CLASSIC MASALA HUT (for english recipes) and MADRAS SAMAYAL (for Tamil recipes).


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