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Chana Masala Recipe

Written By Angela Steffi on Friday, July 15, 2016 | 3:30:00 PM

Chana Masala / Chickpea Curry is a very versatile gravy that goes very well with a lot of other dishes like dosas, pooris, rice, chappatis/rotis and naan. It is very nutritious and has a high protein content. 

Serving Size : 4
Cooking Time : 30 min
Preparation Time : 6 hrs (to soak Chana Dal)
Difficulty: Spice Level:




Chana Dal / Chickpeas / Konda Kadalai/Chole
2 onions (250 g)
tomatoes (150 g)
1 TbspGinger Garlic paste
1-2 Tbsp
Chili powder
1 Tbsp coriander powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
1 tsp Garam Masala powderGarlic
1 tsp Cumin Seeds
Green chilies
2 TbspOil

Salt to taste

Coriander Leaves for Garnishing

Cooking Method

Step 1) Soak the chickpeas for about 6 hrs to overnight and then pressure cook them for 3 to 4 whistles with required water, salt and a pinch of turmeric powder.You should be easily able to smash with your fingers

Step 2) In a pan,add oil and temper it with cumin seeds.Add Onions,required salt and saute until it become golden brown color

Step 3) Add ginger garlic paste and sauté until the raw smell is gone and then add the spices turmeric powder,garam masala powder,coriander powder,chili powder and amchoor powder and sauté for a minute

Step 4) Add the chopped tomatoes and cook until it becomes a nice paste,if needed add some water(1/4 cup) 

Step 6) Add required water and also green chillies and give them a good mix

Step 7) Take some cooked channa in a blender and blend it to a smooth paste to get thick gravy
Add the grinded chana to the gravy and allow them to boil

Step 8) Add the boiled chickpeas along with the water and allow them to cook for 3 to 4 minutes
Finally garnish it with coriander leaves

Enjoy with chappathi/rotis or any parathas !!!! Happy Cooking :)


About Angela Steffi

I am an avid food blogger with a great passion for food. I am always eager to try new recipes and modify recipes and experiment with them. I have two cooking channels on Youtube CLASSIC MASALA HUT (for english recipes) and MADRAS SAMAYAL (for Tamil recipes).


  1. hey Angela just tried this recipe and its come out so yummy! Thank you.... tomorrow im trying your chicken korma.... so excited... :)

    1. Happy for your success Roanne .Thank you Very much for your feedback.I am also very much excited to hear your comments :) Happy Cooking!!!.

  2. Steffi chicken korma was a hit now makin ur Chana masala again tomorrow.... I'm happy to see uv added more recipes ... will surely try them out n leave a comment ...

    1. So nice!!! your comments always gives me a boost. Thank you so much for your feedback. I will be waiting. Happy Cooking Roanne :)

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