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Filter Coffee / Traditional South Indian Filter Coffee

Written By Angela Steffi on Saturday, September 10, 2016 | 1:48:00 AM

Filter Coffee is a Traditional south Indian Coffee made in a traditional coffee filter. Even though today we have lot of machines for making coffee like Coffee makers,  Espresso maker, French press none of their taste comes to close to our traditional filter coffee.This Coffee Filter has three parts 1) Bottom cup where the decoction will be collected and the 2) upper porous cup where we add the coffee powder and water 3) and finally a press to level the coffee powder. Traditionally this coffee is served in a Dabarah set which contains a saucer and a tumbler. This filter coffee is made by grinding fresh coffee beans and if needed you can also mix some Chicory(20-30%).The main thing about this coffee is mixing, pouring back and forth between the tumbler and the saucer and should be consumed with the froth on the surface.
       The aroma of the filter coffee wakes you up from sleep and sharpen your mind.This filter coffee can make us extremely addictive.I got addicted already. Filter Coffee is often served along with morning breakfast like Idly, Dosa, Pongal etc..Madras and Kumbakonam are Known for its famous Filter Coffee ( Madras Filter Coffee , kumbakonam degree coffee, Mylapore Filter Coffee).
       After extracting the decoction for the first time don’t throw away the coffee grains yet you can extract it one more time the second decoction will almost be as good as first decoction. However subsequent extraction will be milder so u can at least use it two to three times.


Serving Size                 : 2 people

Preparation Time        : 20 minutes

 Coffee Powder (I have used Narasus Coffee Powder)




Cooking Method

Step 1) Add 3 tbsp of coffee powder in the upper porous cup and flatten it with the press given.Do not add too much of Coffee powder inside the container leave enough space for water.(should be less than 1/3 rd portion)


Step 2)  To make filter coffee we need boiling water so first lets boil some water in a sauce pan and wait until it comes to a rolling boil.Once the water comes to a rolling boil pour the water on the upper porous cup where we have already added coffee powder.


Step 3) Wait for sometime until all the water is filtered and the decoction is collected at the bottom.If you want a strong decoction then dont add too much of water at once add little at a time to get strong decoction.

Step 4) Once the decoction is ready Heat some milk (try to use full fat milk to get rich coffee).The final step is mixing everything together.It all depends on your taste bud.If you want strong coffee then add more decoction and if you like it to be mild add less decoction. But I always love to have strong Coffee.You can also adjust milk accordingly.Add sugar as per your taste.



Step 5) This is an important step in making Filter Coffee mixing, pouring back and forth between the tumbler and the saucer from 1 feet above gives a lovely frothy Coffee and should be consumed with that froth on the surface.



About Angela Steffi

I am an avid food blogger with a great passion for food. I am always eager to try new recipes and modify recipes and experiment with them. I have two cooking channels on Youtube CLASSIC MASALA HUT (for english recipes) and MADRAS SAMAYAL (for Tamil recipes).


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  15. A delicious combination of rich, creamy milk and robust, aromatic coffee characterises traditional South Indian filter coffee. This coffee, which was brewed with a metal filter, is remarkably robust in flavour and has a comforting yet energising effect. Any coffee lover looking for a real, tasty experience has to try it.