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Sambar Powder Recipe

Written By Angela Steffi on Monday, September 26, 2016 | 11:25:00 PM

Sambar powder is the main ingredient for making sambar. Even-though there are lot of sambar powder in the market nothing can replace the aroma of our fresh homemade sambar powder.This is quite easy to make all we need is 10 basic ingredients which is readily available in everyone's Kitchen.Sambar made with this freshly ground sambar powder smells heavenly and the taste lasts in the taste buds forever.


Serving Size           : 10-12 times

Preparation Time  : 20 minutes

Difficulty: Spice Level:

Ingredients List




Method for Making Sambar Powder

Step 1) We need to roast all the ingredients separately.From the start till the end roast all the ingredients in a low heat to prevent from burning.First I am going to roast Dried red Chilies.Roast it for sometime and transfer the roasted chilies to a plate.Then Coriander Seeds,roast until it changes to golden brown.

Ingredients-list-for-sambar-powder-red ChiliesIngredients-list-for-sambar-powder-Coriander Seeds

Step 2) Then I am going to roast Chana dal again in a low heat until it turns golden brown
Lets transfer.Next I am going to roast Toor dal, once it changes its color transfer this to the same plate

Ingredients-list-for-sambar-powder-Chana DalIngredients-list-for-sambar-powder-Toor Dal

Step 3) Then urad dal,roast it for sometime until you feel a nice aroma,perfect lets transfer
Then roast the rice (any kind of rice is fine).Rice is added to thicken the sambar.

Ingredients-list-for-sambar-powder-Urad dalIngredients-list-for-sambar-powder-Rice

Step 4) Followed by rice I am going to roast cumin seeds they don’t take much time, few seconds is enough. Then finally roast the fenugreek seeds and once it get a nice golden color transfer this to the same plate

Ingredients-list-for-sambar-powder-CuminIngredients-list-for-sambar-powder-Fenugreek seeds

Step 5) Cool all the ingredients completely before grinding. Once they are cooled completely transfer all the roasted ingredients to a blender and grind.Once they are half done add asafoetida and turmeric powder and again grind it to a very fine powder.If you have whole asafoetida then roast for few seconds after turning off the heat and then grind.


Step 6) Spread this on a paper to cool and after this cools completely store this in a airtight container.Do not use wet hands or spoon.That’s it,our Sambar powder is ready.Use 2 Tbsp of this power when making sambar.


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  1. Hi, To make this recipe, when you say Rice, what type of rice are you using? Is it Idly rice or normal boiled rice we use for lunch?

    1. we can use both Idli rice and regular rice. I used Idli rice. Happy Cooking

  2. I am not a fan of masala powders from the stores... this is such a comprehensive recipe... bookmarking it! Rezepte

  3. Hi mam, in sambar podi recipe preparation we can skip rice?

  4. Akka na neenga sonna method la sambar powder try comes good.thank u so much sissy

  5. Hi Steffi,

    Is this normal red chillies or kashmiri red chillies?

  6. I am from Kerala...i like steffus recipes too much... I tried her idli recipe... Comes very good....

  7. Your sambar power is too good☺️How last sambar power in airtight contener?

  8. Hi Steff, I did try using your sambar powder recipe to make sambar yesterday however it turned out to be too spicy. Wasn’t edible. Could it be because the dried red chillies were too spicy and that I could have used 50g instead of 100g? I tried your other recipes and turned out well and delicious.

    1. Yes sissy some chillies are too spicy one alternative solution is that u can roast and grind all other ingredients except chilli then mix both powder together then the spice level will be balanced hope this helps you

  9. Yes sissy some chillies are too spicy one alternative solution is that u can roast and grind all other ingredients except chilli then mix both powder together then the spice level will be balanced hope this helps you

  10. Thank you for this great idea ... I will try. Steff you recipes are superb.

  11. Tq for the receipe sis. Love it. Tqfpr sharing.

  12. Hii madam I have some ideas for more update PLZZ contact me 8306285454surat

  13. Steffi can you please tell the measurements in cup for sambar powder and rasam powder.