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Vegetable Pongal recipe

Written By Angela Steffi on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 | 9:17:00 PM

Pongal is a traditional recipe of Tamil Nadu often enjoyed during "Pongal festival" This is one of the Very important festivals celebrated by our Tamil People, This Harvest festival is celebrated as Thanks Giving to Sun . Traditionally this recipe is made with first harvest from the field, We had a paddy farm very long back, at that time my dad used to bring fresh new rice from the paddy field , I still remember the smell of the rice ,wow !!!! Pongal made with fresh / new rice is loaded with loads of taste and aroma.
This Pongal is often had along with Coconut Chutney, Sambar, Vada and a good hot cup of coffee !!!

Serves          : 4
Prep Time   : 10 min
Cook Time  : 20 min

Quantity Ingredients for making Veg Pongal recipe
1 cupRaw rice (200g)
1/2 cup moong dal (100g)
1 tbsp Oil
1 inch Ginger
3 Green chilies
1 Onion
10-12 green beans
1/2 cup green peas
5 cup Water
1 tbsp Ghee
required Salt

For Temering
2 tbsp Ghee
10-12 Cashews
1 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Cumin
pinch of Asafoetida

Curry leaves

Cooking Method

Step 1) Dry roast rice and dal over medium heat for a couple of minutes. Dal should not change its color. Once you feel the nice aroma of the dal turn off the heat and rinse it in water for a couple of times.

Step 2) Heat oil in a cooker and add ginger (finely chopped) and green chilies. Give it a stir and then add sliced onion and the veggies - Carrot, beans, peas. Cook for a minute and then add the rice and dal also add in some ghee and mix well.  

Step 3) For (1 cup rice + 1/2 cup dal ) we will need 5 cups of water. Also add required salt, Cover and let it cook for 4 whistles on a medium heat.
We need to cook the rice until turns soft and mushy, that is the reason we are adding more water.

Step 4) Melt ghee in a pan and roast cashews, once the cashews turns golden add pepper corns (if you dont like to add whole pepper, crush it and add to the recipe) Also add in cumin seeds, pinch of asafoetida and curry leaves. Mix it once and turn off the heat.
Add the tempering to the pongal and mix well. If you wish you can add more ghee at the end to get nice aroma and taste.

That's it our vegetable Ven pogal is ready to be served and its time for celebrating Pongal. Wish you all Happy Pongal.
Happy Cooking - நம் பாரம்பரிய தமிழ் சுவையை உலகம் முழுவதும் பரப்புவோம்


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