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Suriyakala recipe

Written By Angela Steffi on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 | 9:17:00 PM

Suriyakala / Surikala is a very famous sweet distributed during weddings and festivals all over India. It has a soft outer layer and the inside is loaded with khoya and nuts, Since it is hard to fine Khoya/ mava in our place , I have shared the recipe for homemade Mava as well. Lets see how to make this delicious Suriyakala.

              Please click here to watch Suriyaka Recipe in Tamil -Madras Samayal

Serving Size:   12 pc 
Prep Time   :   30 min
Cook Time  :   15 min

Quantity Ingredients for making Suriyakala recipe
For the dough
1 cup Maida (125 g)
2 tbsp  Ghee
pinch  salt
1/4 cup Water approx

For Khoya
2 tbsp Ghee
1/4 cup Milk
3 tbsp Sugar
1 cup Milk powder(100g)
1/4 cup chopped nuts
pinch Cardamom powder

For Sugar Syrup
1 cup Sugar(200g)
1/2 cup Water (120ml)
few drops of lemon juice
2 Cardamom

Cooking Method

Step 1) In a bowl add Maida, ghee,salt and mix well.Then add water and combine everything nicely to form a thick dough.Cover it with a wet cloth and keep it aside for 30 minutes.

Step 2) Now in a non stick pan melt ghee and add milk, sugar and let the sugar dissolve. Then add milk powder( i have used NIDO) stir it immediately. Once it start to separate from pan add chopped nuts(I have used cashews), cardamom and mix well. It takes just 1-2 minutes to set after the milk powder is added.Turn off the heat and keep it aside.

Step 3) Dissolve sugar in water and bring it to one sting consistency, the sugar syrup should not pass one string , if is passes one string consistency then the syrup will not penetrate more efficiently into the Suriyaka. Once the syrup reaches one string, add cardamom and few strands of saffron (saffron is optional) and also add few drops of lemon juice to prevent sugar crystallization.Turn off the heat and keep it aside.

Step 4) Now divide the dough into 2 and roll them thin, cut it into circles using a sharp circle cutter . Take a piece and place some khoya inside and cover it with another piece. seal the edges by pressing it and twist the edges to give it some shape..

Step 5) Fry the Suriyala on a medium heat , oil should not be very hot. Halfway passed flip it to the other side and let it develop uniform  golden color on all the sides. Drain the excess oil and continue with the rest of the batches.

Step 6) After frying drop it into the sugar syrup, if the syrup is cooled completely then heat it for a minute before adding the Suriyala . Cover the Suriyala  in sugar syrup and let it soak for minimum 10 -15 minutes.

That's it our delicious Suriyala sweet is ready to be enjoyed. Happy Cooking and happy festive season!!!


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