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Ribbon Pakoda Recipe / Olai Pakoda / Nada Recipe

Written By Angela Steffi on Monday, August 22, 2016 | 4:16:00 PM

Ribbon Pakoda is my all time favorite tea time snack.I enjoy to have this crispy snack with a cup of cardamom tea.This recipe taste best on a rainy evening with hot tea on one hand and a big bowl full of pakoda on the other hand.I always make this murukku on Friday evening so that we can enjoy weekend  movie night with this awesome snack.This recipe is know as Olai Palkoda in my place (Nagercoil) In some parts of Tamil nadu it is also known as Nada Recipe.


Serving Size     : 4 people

Cooking Time : 20 mins

1 cup

Rice flour
1/2 cup Besan / chickpea flour / Gram flour / கடலை மாவு
1 Tbsp
1 tspSesame seeds
1 tsp
Chili powder
1/4 tsp Hing / Asafoetida / காயம்
1 cup
water (approximately )

Salt to taste

Oil for Frying

Cooking Method

Step 1) Combine rice flour, besan  (கடலை மாவு ) ,chili powder, Sesame seeds(எள்ளு) you can also use cumin seeds if you like, Hing (காயம்) , Butter and salt in a mixing bowl and mix everything.
once all the ingredients are well combined gradually add water and form a firm and a non-sticky dough.Don't add too much of water at once add little at a time and form a dough.


Step 2) This is the attachment we need for making the ribbon Pakoda. Fill the dough in a murukku mold (Idiyappam mold).Check the temperature of oil.Oil should be in a medium heat,to check the temperature if you drop a small portion of the dough it should float immediately on the surface of the oil.If it stays down for a long time then the oil is not hot enough. And at the same time if the temperature of the oil is very hot then the pakodas may get burnt soon and will be very hard.


Step 3) Gently rotate the handle and fry the murukku until golden. Do not press the dough in the same place gently move your hands in circular motion and fry the murukku. If it accumulates in the same place then the pakodas will not be fried evenly and they wont turn crispy.If they are not fried properly then the pakodas will turn soft soon and wont stay crispier.


Step 4) Once they are golden on the one side flip it to the other side and cook until the bubble cease.
Then drain the excess oil and after the pakodas comes to room temperature store them in an air tight container and serve whenever required. 


Our Delicious Crunchy Ribbon Pakodas are ready to be served with some Cardamom tea.Happy Cooking dear friends !!!!



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