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Ada Payasam recipe

Written By Angela Steffi on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 | 6:22:00 PM

Ada Payasam is a famaous dessert of Kerala distributed during Onam festival. This is a simple yet mouthwatering recipe mada with ada and jaggery.

Please click here to watch Ada Payasam recipe in Tamil - Madras Samayal.

Serving Size:   4 
Prep Time   :   20 min
Cook Time  :   20 min

Quantity Ingredients for making Ada apayasam
100 g Ada
200 g Jaggery
1 cup Water
2 cup coconut milk (third extract)
1 cup coconut milk (second extract)
1 cup thick coconut milk (first extract)
2 tbsp Ghee
1/4 cup coconut pieces
10 Cashews
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder

Cooking Method

Step 1) Heat water in a pan and add ada to it. Cook until the ada is nice and soft. Rise the cooked ada in cold water for a couple of times and drain the water.

Step 2) Heat a pan and add jaggery also add water and filter it once the jaggery melts. 

Step 3) Now in the same pan add the filtered jaggery syrup and then add the cooked ada, cook until all the jaggery syrup is been absorbed by the adai.

Step 4) Now its time to add in the coconut milk, firstly add 2 cups of thin coconut milk (last extract of the coconut) and cook for few minutes.

Step 5) Once the coconut milk is reduced to half add 1 cup of thick coconut milk and cook for few more minutes. Finally add the first extract of the coconut milk and turn off the stove.

Step 6) Now in a separate pan melt ghee and roast some coconut pieces, then add some cashews and saute until golden.

Step 7) Finally add the roasted coconut pieces, cashews and cardamom powder to the payasam and stir.

That's it our delicious Adai payasam / ada pradamban is ready to be served with rice. Happy Cooking !!!

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