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Muscoth Halwa / Coconut Milk Halwa

Written By Angela Steffi on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 | 7:50:00 PM

Musoth Halwa is a famous sweet of Tamil Nadu ,its traditionally made with Maida and sugar, I am going to make it healthy by replacing maida with Wheat flour and sugar with Jaggery.

              Please click here to watch Muscoth Halwa Recipe in Tamil -Madras Samayal

makes          :   12 pc 
cook time    :   2 hrs

Quantity Ingredients for making Muscoth Halwa recipe
1 cupWheat flour(125 g)
1 cup  tightly packed Jaggery (200 g)
1 large Coconut (300 g grated)
7 cup Water (2+1+4)

Cooking Method

Step 1) Into a mixing bowl add wheat flour, gradually add water and knead it into a chapathi dough. Add water (2 cups) and let it rest for 1 hour.

Step 2) After 1 hr extract the milk with your hands and pass it through a fine mesh and collect the milk. After extracting the milk keep it undisturbed for 2-4 hours for the milk to settle.

Step 3) Now after 3 hours of sedimentation we will get two layers top clear water layer and milk at the bottom, drain the cleared water , we need the wheat milk not the clear fluid.

Step 4) Heat jaggery with 1 cup water , once it is dissolved pass it through a sieve to remove any dirt and keep it aside.

Step 5) Grate 1 very large or 2 medium coconut and transfer it to a mixie jar, add 1 cup water and extract the milk. Then add 1 more cup of water and extract the milk again. Then add 2 cups of water and extract the remaining milk.

Step 6) Transfer coconut milk, wheat milk, jaggery into a wide pan and start heating on slow flame.  It takes approximately 1 hr to 1.30 min for the oil to ooze out, Once the halwa has hardened and oil starts oozing transfer it to a greased bowl and let it cool.

Step 4) Once cooled cut into desired portion.

That's it our delicious coconut milk / muscoth halwa is ready to be enjoyed. 

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