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Idli Batter for making soft Kushboo Idli

Written By Angela Steffi on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 | 8:18:00 PM

Please click here to watch the Soft Idli Recipe in Tamil in Madras Samayal

Soaking Time        : 5 -6 hours 

Grinding Time      : 25 -30 minutes each 

Quantity Ingredients for  Soft Idli Batter  
4 cup Idli Rice
1 cupSkinless black gram (urad dal) 
1/2 cupSago /  Javvarisi 
5-6 Fenugreek seeds


Step 1 ) Wash and soak rice, dal ,sago and fenugreek seeds in water for minimum 5 -6 hours.

Step 2) Drain the water and add the urad dhal and fenugreek together to a grinder and grind it until soft and fluffy, it takes approximately 25 -30 minutes , sprinkle some water while grinding if required. Keep it separate in a bowl.

Step 3) Similarly drain the water and add together the soaked rice and javvarisi to the same grinder and grind it until soft and 90% done, it takes approximately 30 - 35 minutes , sprinkle some water while grinding if required.

Step 4) Add required salt and mix both the batter well with the help of your hand. The batter doubles in sizes when fermented, make sure there is enough space for it to raise .
Let it ferment for 8 hours, if you live in cold reign then keep the batter inside the oven with the light ON. Fermented batter looks light and nicely aerated.

Step 5) Gently mix the batter and pour it on to a idli plate greased with oil. Once the water steams place the idli plate inside the idli cooker and steam for 8 - 10 minutes. 
Once done let it slightly before taking from the idli plate.

Our soft and spongy idlis are ready to be served with a side of chutney and sambar , a cup of hot filter coffee tastes heavenly. Please so try this recipe and share it with your friends and family.
Spread the Joy of Cooking !!!


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  1. Hi... can I use 1 cup of split skinless black gram (urad dal) instead of whole dal? should the batter be covered when fermentation?

  2. Tried this today and came out very well Akka thank you so much.

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  5. Please let me know where can I purchase the grinder you use.

  6. Hi i used 5 hrs soaked javarsi but javarasi not grind well..What will do..???

  7. Hi... Sissy...unga samayal method rombave super ah iruku

  8. Steffi u r an excellent chef. Me n my daughter are an ardent fan of yours, she had tried ur popsicle recipes ��I have subscribed both classic masala Hut and madras samayal. Love to meet u in person,in future, if Allah wills.

  9. Can't we use 3 cup rice instead of 4 cup

  10. Tried idlis using this recipe yesterday and they came out really nice and soft..thanks for the easy recipe

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