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The main goal of Steffi's Recipes is to "Spread the Joy of Cooking !! " and in this journey I have interacted with many foodies who have a passion for cooking and love to share their recipes with others. This page is for all such recipes. If you want to add more recipes, click here and fill the recipe form.

Foodie Pradeep Rajkumar

Pradeep hails from Pollachi and is currently residing in Melbourne, Australia and specializes in the Chettinad Cuisine. He was raised a vegan but soon started cooking and tasting chicken and seafood. His interest in cooking started from his mom who was a pastry chef providing delicious recipes to the local community. He prefers South Indian and Punjabi foods an
d reviews local restaurants.

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Foodie Hannah Sri
Hannah Sri has an excellent collection of traditional vegetarian recipes which she has acquired from her mother. These South Indian Recipes have been forgotten by many. She is bringing to light these forgotten recipes. Be sure to check them out !

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